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Alissa B. Shulkin, DVM

Dr. Shulkin provides comprehensive care for pets in the comfort of their own homes. This includes wellness care, vaccinations, the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, geriatric care, and compassionate end-of-life assistance. 

We aim to provide: 

• The highest quality of veterinary care for dogs and cats
• Careful examination and appropriate diagnostic testing
• Treat every patient as if it were our own
• Proactivity: We recommend routine wellness examinations and blood tests in addition to vaccinations
• We do not believe in over-vaccinating pets and will carefully tailor a vaccine protocol to suit your pet’s lifestyle
• Client Education: We will ensure that you understand the needs of your pet while it is healthy and during times of special care

Why House-Calls? 

Busy professionals, parents, seniors, people without a car, and owners of multi-animal households can all benefit from having a mobile veterinarian visit their pets in their home. Most pets are more comfortable in their own home than in a veterinary hospital and are typically more tolerant of examinations, blood draws, and minor treatments. Pets that suffer from motion sickness also make ideal candidates for in-home veterinary care.

House-calls make good sense for pediatric and senior patients that may have insufficient immunity. There is less risk of being exposed to infectious agents that may be lurking around veterinary hospital waiting rooms.

With a house-call, you will have much more contact time with Dr. Shulkin than you would have with a veterinarian in a traditional hospital setting, making the examination and consultation a great value. Additionally, there is less time wasted in rounding up the pets into the car, driving to and from the hospital, and waiting for your appointment. It can be easier for multi-pet households to get the veterinary care needed as it can be done all in one visit, without the stress on you, or your pets, of having to take them all to the veterinary office at once.

House-calls are by appointment only Wednesdays and Fridays, 9am - 4pm and select Mondays.

We apologize but we are currently not able to accommodate new patients. 



Happy Customers

Dr. Shulkin has been providing quality proactive care for Max & Jake since we moved to Chicago in 2009. She has tailored their treatment through different life stages, and insures that we understand their needs. We highly recommend her & her staff.
— H. Koppel
We’ve trusted Dr. Shulkin to care for our 5 pets for 9 years. She is compassionate and incredibly thoughtful about the care options that may be best for your pet. Nine years ago she helped guide us through treating our cat, Snoop, who had a bad fall, and now she’s helping Snoop enjoy every moment of his senior years.
— C. Miller





Veterinary House-Call


Extended Veterinary House-Call




Exam Fee (per patient)


Phone consultation (up to 30 minutes)


All vaccines, lab work, treatments and medications are an additional charge. Contact us for an estimate.





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